Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 8

Thank You Aum.    Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gayatri.


Acknowledging You in all we think, feel, will, say, and 

do is associating with You.  Our consciousness is purified 

by virtue of Your Divine association.  Thus, 

we are empowered to see our self and others as Divine and 

Precious, and You, the Most Divine and Precious, the  One

Supreme Soul of all.


We are eternal spirit, most intimately connected with all 

sentient beings, moving and non-moving, visible and 

invisible, throughout this cosmic manifestation.  This is so 

because of our Eternal, Most Subtle, imperishable, Union 

with You. 

 Never diminishing, always the same, You are the most 

  Magnificent. We associate with You, our True Self, who are 

beyond ego, desire, expectations, and any frustrations, 

through our spiritual practice of surrendering all to You. 


Thank You for teaching us the art of surrendering all to You. 

This scientific process is the art and science of surviving, and 

thriving in security, freedom and peace again. 

Simultaneously, we unfold a clean heart, divine vision, and 

the spirit of righteousness.


  We see that we are not this temporary material body, mind, 

intellect, nor ego.  We are the Changeless Awareness, 

encompassing, suffusing, and transcending the body, mind, 

intellect, and ego. Thank You for helping us revive our 

original consciousness by always thinking of You.


Through all the vicissitudes of life in the temporary worlds of 

illusion. we are reflections of Your Eternal, Constant, 

Supreme Magnificence.  Surrendering to You helps us 

comprehend how Your Judgment, the Law of Karma, is 

Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent.  


In the light of submitting all to You, our Pineal gland is 

undergoing the rejuvenating process of always remembering 

You, we are increasingly enlightened and ever more profiting 

by recognizing and obeying this universal law of Karma.


 As a result of  surrendering all to You, the realization of our 

oneness with You, within and beyond the vast and variegated 

dualities, as an eternal soul, becomes more lucidly revealed.


Thank You for revealing this well-worn path of fixing the 

consciousness on You by always thinking of You. This is the 

greatest tool used in purifying the Pineal gland. 


Always thinking of  You brings our awareness back up 

through the Pineal gland, through the Seventh gate at the top 

center of the head, the soft spot for babies,  known as 

the Sahasrara, or the Thousand Petalled Lotus.


The Sahasrara is also known as the gateway to Infinite 

Consciousness, the Source of all consciousness throughout the 

universe. You, our everything, our only reality, are this 

Source, our  Original, Primordial Awareness, the One who 

truly knows Nothing.

Glory!  Glory! Glory You, Supreme Being of all the worlds. 

Thank  You for Your association. The greater our association 

with You, through service to You, the more our Pineal gland 

is cleaned of all impurities, physical and spiritual, and we 

realize our natural state of love, compassion and forgiveness. 

Thus we naturally strive to restrain from causing suffering to 



Most Unconditional Love! All praises to You. Thank You for 

showing us show to serve You and You alone. The more we 

submit all we think, feel, will, say and do, to You, the more 

our Pineal gland and consciousness are purified.


 Hence, the greater the purification of consciousness, the

greater is our strength to restrain from criticizing or in any 

way directing ill toward another. We discern that You are 

everywhere and everything, eternally,  and everything is 

owned and controlled by You.  


You are Supreme Awareness, the Source of our past, present, 

and future.  You are the ever-present Now, within and beyond

 the illusions of past and future


All of us, no matter the species of life in or out of the universe,

 are one in You.


When everything has been considered, one sees the reality of 

the Omnipresence of You.  It is You who are the observer, the 

observing, and the observed.  Truly, You are the Love 



So who is responsible for our suffering and joy?  According to

 our research, observation, experience, and reflection, 

suffering or enjoyment is Your justice in the universe.  We are

 reaping that which we have sown.  We cannot escape, refuse, 

bribe, nor hide from the results of our own activity, our