Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 9

Thank You Aum.    Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gayatri.


We must regain our Self knowledge and how to come back to 

You, if we are to live, developing into our greatest potential, 

in security, freedom, prosperity, and peace.  Always thinking

of You is the beginning, middle, and end of this spiritual 

evolutionary process.


When we are in harmony with Your will, the way of Peace, 

we can see Your everlasting beauty all around us. We can see 

You in everything, everywhere. This uplifts and inspires us in 

all realms of consciousness and awareness rebuilding.


Thank You for helping us recognize Silence.  Thank You for 

helping us associate with Silence.  Thank You for helping us  

hear, see, and communicate with Silence using our Third Eye, 

our Inner  Ear,  consciousness and awareness.  


 This Awareness is the Supreme Stillness, the Most Subtle 

One, the Greatest Knowing that pervades and transcends the 

Infinite frequencies of Silence.


To the degree the consciousness is purified, the more we can 

deal fairly with our brothers and sisters throughout the 

universe, whatever their shape, creed, color, or level of 

consciousness. Our hell or heaven is our own doing because 

of the pollution or purity of our consciousness.


Heaven and hell are at hand. Thank You for showing us how 

to serve You in all we do.  Thus, we associate with You, 

are purified, and delivered from our identity crisis in the 

Hells of Maya.  


Our identity crisis is caused by our ignorant belief that the 

self is a body, mind, intellect, or ego.  We can relate to pain to  

a very great extent.  However, we can never fully identify the 

changing body, mind, intellect, or ego as being the self.  


The Self is the constant, unchanging witness of bodies, minds, 

intelligences, as well as Witness other illusory changes.  

This Self is the Source of Ego, the awareness of the "I" 

thought.  Digging into the source  of  the "I" thought and 

awareness begins with always thinking of  You.


Surrender to You means that we forgo temporary sense 

gratification, no matter how dear, for the sake of keeping You 

increasingly near. This helps us become ever stronger and 

united in awareness of You.


All of these bodies, minds, intelligences, and egos change.  You
never change. Truly, You are the Supreme, Unified Identity,

within and beyond all of the diverse personal and impersonal

personalities and genes.


You are the Witness of these changes, yet You 

never change. This can be experienced as our consciousness 

is purified by this spiritual practice of always thinking of 



We think of You as the Source of Justice.  There is Justice in 

the universe.  By the Law of Karma, Your day of  Judgement

is always upon us.  We repent for all of the none sense we did 

and are doing under the influence of Maya.  Thank You for 

helping us purify our consciousness by always thinking of 



The more we are purified by always  thinking of You, the less 

we make bad Karma, the more we make good Karma and 

consciously offer all to You.  Consequently, the less we suffer 

and the  more consciously we are in union with You.


You are the only permanence.  Of what value is striving for 

that which has no endurance? You alone are the only One 

truly worthy of our aspirations, our doings, or even, our 

thinkings. Thank You for engaging us in Your service by 

accepting our humble offerings of praise and thanksgiving.