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Our Word is Indigenous Spirituality.
This is a practical program for refinement
 and strength.  It is revolutionary activity inspiring 
  and awakening us to the Highest Standard of
   excellence in our own culture.  This is union with You,
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Our Word is spiritual Education for 
knowledge and experience of You,
the Self.  Nature, Hell, and Heaven,
 are within us.  They are pervaded
 and transcended by 
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We know You as Eternal, within and
beyond the Divine Light of
Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and
Our Word helps us ascend, awakening
us to union with You, the Changeless,
Eternal, within and beyond unity and
diversity, darkness and light.
Our Word is a solution, an Antidote for the
systemic and structural problems we are
suffering, as individuals, and as a society,
entrapped and enslaved in Maya, Your
illusory energy. 
Our Word is foundational knowledge of
Self. It is formulated to inspire a
Renaissance in our lives of through 
purification of consciousness, 
awareness, and intelligence.
This Soul Purification process
revolves around always thinking of
You. It consists of prayer, study,
sacrifice, service, right association,
and meditation.
You are the Eternal, Indivisible, Unmovable,
Absolute, full of Unlimited Intelligence,
Knowledge, Vibratory Ecstasy, and Tranquil
You, as Divine Intelligence, are within
 and beyond the Knower, knowledge, 
and the known, the informer of
 consciousness, awareness, and
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Consciousness is known in some quarters
as "Mind" when thoughts are within it.
Above consciousness is awareness.
Above awareness is intelligence. You,
Divine Intelligence, are above
intelligence, permeating and 
transcending  all.
Uniting, Pervading and Transcending
all vibration, frequencies, energy, all
consciousness, all Awareness, and all
Intelligence, throughout the universe
are You, our common, Eternal,
Divine Intelligence.
We think, about, concentrate, and
meditate on this Eternal Light of Divine
 Intelligence.  It is Eternal, Changeless, 
within and beyond soft and hard, Ever
 Shining within and beyond ignorance 
and intelligence.
We think of You and remember You, 
Divine Intelligence, as the Super
Soul of all souls, full and beyond of
unlimited knowledge and Bliss.

Pervading and transcending manifest
and un-manifest, invisible and visible;
You are always remain the same,
the Never Exhausted Super Soul, 
the Most Intelligent and Powerful
of all.
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As Divine Intelligence, You are beyond
awareness while suffusing it. Without
You, awareness has no intelligence to
pass down to consciousness.
Without the guidance of intelligence,
consciousness does not know which
 thoughts to accept, reject, or to 
concentrate on.
The more we realign with You, by
always thinking of You, the better
we are channels for Your knowledge
and right understanding to flow
through our intelligence and
awareness down and through our
consciousness, and our actions.
You are Divine Intelligence, that which
is not comprehended by consciousness,
awareness, nor intelligence. However,
without You, there would be no
comprehending by the consciousness,
awareness, nor knowing by intelligence.
We suffer because of ignorance of self and Supreme Being. Our Supreme Being is within and beyond zero, nothing, no-thing; the space between the most subatomic particles, and all space. All is within It, while simultaneously It is the Greatest Intelligence within and beyond all. This is our Supreme Being; Divine Reality; the only One fit for worship; by meditating on whom, our intelligence is enlightened.
Always thinking of, concentrating on, and Meditating on our Supreme Being is associating with the Most Pure. By the virtue of associating with Supreme Being our consciousness is purified of lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness, and envy. Those are the subsidiary rootlets of our suffering. The Taproot of our suffering is ignorance of Supreme Being as our Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Eternal Reality, our Greatest Benefit.
Remembering our Supreme Being by association awakens us from ignorance of Self. This is being done by us through seeing the Self as Spirit: Eternal, energy, frequency, and vibration infused with varying degrees of intelligence; associating with our Supreme Being by chanting the Holy names; studying Holy scriptures, prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right association, and meditation. 

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