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Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.


Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayatri.

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Reawakening to Your Omnipresence, 
Coming back to You, we are  beginning
 to experience the Infinitely Free and
Independent Intelligence that is our
Original State of Being.
You are the Supreme, egoless, "Self,"
the Super Soul, the Supreme
Intelligence, Pure Energy, within and
beyond all.  
Our Word encourages us, and shows
us how to always think of You and 
thus associate with You, the Most 
Pure.  Association breeds
We regain our original 

purity by associating with You.
Our Word shows us how You are the
Supreme Witness of Now, the
Supreme Witness of all witnessing, and
the Ultimate Witnessing of Intelligence,
and Divine Intelligence.
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You are the Source of the Intelligence
and Fulfillment diffused throughout
all being. By offering all to You, we
associate with You. Associating with
You, our consciousness, awareness, and 
intelligence are purified of all the 
ignorance and concomitant 
suffering of lust, angry, and greedy 
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As our consciousness,l awareness, and
 intelligence are purified of all
ignorance, we eclipse selfish desires,
then all desires; as this happens, we
 begin to experience being reestablished
in this Eternal Joy and Contentment
of union with You. 
Uniting consciously with You again, 
we are experiencing the physical 
lightness of  being spiritually clean,
free, one with Nature, completely 
alive again. 
We are consciously uniting with You and
 associating with You by thinking of You.
Our Word helps us to think of You. We
think of You as the Strongest Foundation,
the Eternal Foundation and Fountainhead
of Purity and Righteousness.
It is Your association which awakens, 
purifies, and empowers us to extricate 
and raise our consciousness, awareness, 
and intelligence, our whole being, out 
of Maya.
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The more we associate with You through
the spiritual practices suggested in Our
Word, our Inner Space, our 
consciousness, awareness, and 
intelligence are purified of the wicked 
thoughts and action producing agents: 
   Anger, Lust, and Greed, Illusion, Madness,
and Envy. 
  We see You as the Preeminent Association
and the Best Education.  Our real Sacred
Space Journey is the mission into 
cleaning our Inner Space.  This happens 
as we associate and unite consciously with
You, the Eternal, Infinite, Intelligence, the
 most Pure of all.  
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You are this Most Pure and Greatest
Intelligence, within and above
consciousness,  awareness, and ordinary
intelligence.  Association with You 
purifies us, thereby freeing us from the
evil activities that cause all sorts of 
suffering to  be brought upon us. 

In and beyond the many, You are
 the Infinite One. The many are 
pervaded and transcended by You,
This same Infinite Most Pure One,
exists as the Ultimate Reality of all. 
We can experience You as this All
Attractive, Unifying Center through
application of the spiritual practices
suggested here at
asserts that You, are the Most Righteous,
the Ultimate Inspiration, and Highest
Aspiration.   It concludes that You are the
Best Purifier and Greatest Intelligence
within and beyond the All in All.
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Our Word states that edifying thoughts
are attracted into consciousness purified
and quieted by Your association.  
Our Word states in many different ways
that You are Vast Infinity, Supreme
Intelligence, pervading and transcending
Silence and space.
We are associating with You, the Source
of Stillness and all intelligence so that
we may associate with You, thereby
 returning to You, from whom we
 can never truly leave,  in this 
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