Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



                 Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gye Nyame.

                 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gayatri.


The Soul, Awareness, and Energy are synonymous.  We are in

 quality one with Supreme Being who the author refers to as You. 

 Whether we call You Soul, Energy, or Awareness, It is all You. 

 Hymns and thanksgiving to this You is what Our Word is about.


We are not the temporary material body with an eternal Soul.  

We are  the eternal Soul with the temporary material body.  

This knowledge of soul and Super Soul is the Indigenous

 Spirituality of this Earth and Universe.  We can know this ancient 

Truth from research, comprehension, experience and reflection.


Throughout the discourse, called Our Word, the word "You" is used to 

signify the Greatest Being, Supreme Being, beyond progression and 

regression.  This Source of all knowledge, intelligence, energy, fame, 

purity,  beauty, and morality is You.  


According to our research, observation, and experience, at the base 

of all consciousness and awareness is You, The Eternal, Most Pure

and Serene, Loving Awareness, the Source of Unlimited 

Comprehension and Vibratory  Bliss.


Our Word is an adaptation, modification, and application of the

 ancient Indigenous  Spirituality of the Earth.  It is here to help us 

be victorious in our struggle to overcome Maya, the Illusory 

Energy that everyone in the material world is suffering within.


 We suffer with  problems because we are in Maya, Your illusory 

energy.  Our liberation movement is about purification of our 

consciousness and attaining freedom from the suffering imposed on 

us because of our presence in Maya. 


The way out of Maya is to engage in the spiritual practice of always

 thinking of You.  This cleanses our consciousness of unrighteous, 

unedifying thoughts. Those  kind of thoughts are contaminated with

 lust, anger, and greed.  They birth illusion madness and envy.  These 

intoxicate us keeping us entrapped and suffering in our own doing, 



 The more we associate with You through our Spiritual practice of 

always thinking of You, the more we regain our dignity, integrity, 

self-respect and real spiritual  love for ourselves and others.  Always

 thinking of You we cleanse our consciousness.  This is the way we 

come back to You.  Coming back to You, we reawaken to the Infinitely 

Free and Independent Awareness that is our Original State of Being.


Wealth, tranquility, renunciation, the Source of all opulences, is You.  

You are the Creator,  Maintainer, and Annihilator, the beginning, 

middle, and end,  the Source of  Spirituality, Light and Right, the 

Origin of  all.


  You are the Supreme, egoless, "Self," the Super Soul, the Supreme

  Consciousness, Pure Energy, within and beyond all.  Thank You for

 encouraging us, and showing us  how to always think of You.


You are our Supreme Power, the goal of knowledge of Self.  You are 

the Source of our folkways traditions, norms, standards, and 

behavior.  When we are in  remembrance of You, we can avoid 

entrapment,  overcome and further avoid entrapment and

 enslavement  to Maya, Your illusory energy.


 We think of You as the Source from which all natural laws emanate.  

Simultaneously, You permeate and are beyond Nature and all Its

 laws. We think of You as the Supreme Divinity of Nature.  No law 

nor deity  is superior to You.  You are One.  There is no other. 


We are surrendering all to You with no regard for pain, gain, profit,

loss, joy or fame. You, the Supreme source of all intelligence within 

us, are realized to the degree that our consciousness is purified. 

Surrendering all to You, remembering You, is is the purifying 

process.  Its is a way of experiencing the fact that "I" and 'Thou"

 are One, You.


You are within and beyond all castes, religions, creeds, tribes  and 

species of  life, and all are within You. As we surrender all to You, 

we are working for the welfare of all sentient beings throughout

 Your  Universes, and we are experiencing Your colorless 

Omnipresence simultaneously.  


We think of You as the One who sustains our existence. The more 

we engage the mind in thinking of You, the more we elevate the self

 by the Self, casting aside petty weakness of consciousness.  Thinking

 of You is a methodology of consciousness purification.  This leads to 

the greatest liberation.


By purification of consciousness, because of always thinking of You,

 we are able to know and experience You, the Indestructible, Pure

 Intelligence which pervades and transcends

 all bodies.


By always thinking of You our consciousness and awareness

 return to calm, quiet, and clear, Its Natural Thoughtless Peace.   

Thank You for showing us how we can purify our consciousness 

and our awareness. 


 By thinking of You constantly we are more than victorious in the 

waking and dream states of Consciousness.  You, the Most 

Meritorious, are the only reality.  Constant remembrance of 

You associates us consciously with You.  This association

with You is the major purifier of our consciousness.