Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



        Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gayatri.


Based on our researched based knowledge,

 we believe You are within all and all is 

within You.  

These Cosmic Manifestations, this 

present moment, all is within 

You.  All opposites are reconciled

 within You.


None is ever away from You nor equal to 

You.  Thank You for helping us to research 

about You, to feel and know Your 

presence, to experience it constantly.  

Gradually, we are remembering everything,

 especially in regards to  knowledge of 

 Self and You.  


 By always thinking of You, wicked thoughts

 are purified out of our consciousness.

Purity,  virtuousness, and peace reigns, 

and we are in tune with You and as such, 

come into in harmony with ourselves and 

the universe again by always thinking of 



Most importantly, aside from remembering

 You, is remembering the fact that we can

never gain inner joy and contentment 

through the  material senses.  

True Joy, fulfillment, and peace is 

experienced as we cleanse our

 consciousness  and come  back to 

Complete Union with You, The Light 

of Divine Intelligence.


We are responsible for our condition.  As 

we comprehend and accept this fact, we 

are empowered to liberate ourselves and 

free our life from the suffering of Maya.  

We do this by engaging in always

 thinking of You.


 Thank You for Your Your purifying 

association.  The more we are purified the

 more we are enlightened and can get out 

and stay out of Maya.


In the last analysis and contact, one 

experiences the fact that the true identity 

of the Self is the Light of Divine 


The Supreme Intelligence of all intelligence

 is You.  Thank You for meeting us here in 

and beyond the Silence of Being.


This knowledge, vision, acquaintance, and

 experience of the Self empowers us to see 

and love You, Supreme Spirit, evermore. 

 We think of You as Supreme Love, existing 

within ourselves as well as other beings 

throughout the universe.


We do not have a spirit. We are the Spirit. We do not have a 

Soul. We are the Soul. Self, Soul, Spirit, Consciousness, 

Energy,  Awareness, and Witness are synonymous names for  

You, the Omnipresent One, within and beyond all names. 


We get out and stay out of Maya's illusion by always 

remembering You.  As we do this, we continue 

reawakening to our everlasting life of Truth, 

Righteousness, Love and Peace. You are the Source all

 power,  Supreme Awareness of the Sun, the Moon 

and the Stars,  all Energy.


We are surrendering all to You with no regard for pain, gain, 

profit, loss, joy or fame. You, the Supreme source of all 

intelligence within us, are realized to the degree that our 

consciousness is purified. Surrendering all to 

You, remembering You, is is the purifying process. 


Everything we have in our mind, between our ears, behind 

our eyes, and within our hands, we bring as an offering 

to You.  This spiritual practice cleanses, opens and expands 

our consciousness, sometimes called the heart, to the 

unlimited love of You.


Submitting all to You is the path of refining 

lower consciousness into Divine Consciousness. Thus 

realizing Your Divine Harmony, in all we think, feel, will, say, 

and do, we proceed straight on the pathless path of eternal 

liberation in You


Submission, Offering, Serving, Surrendering all we think, 

feel, will, say and do, to You is reawakening us to Your 

Eternal, Spiritual Truth which lies beyond the personal and 

impersonal, and all dual concepts of life. 


By the purification of our consciousness, caused by always 

thinking of You,  we are performing our duties more 

efficiently with ever  greater love and affection for 

You and all Sentient Beings.  We think of You as Eternal, 

Pure, Undifferentiated Awareness, full of Eternal Love

 for all beings.


Gradually the Self is seen as Eternal Spirit, Consciousness, or 

Awareness, pervading and transcending all material forms, 

names and attributes.  


By our spiritual practice of always thinking of You, we are 

preparing and producing simultaneously. Thank You

 for teaching us how to return to our culture:  Our 

history, our spirituality, our original, folkways, norms, 

traditions and all else that contributed to our ancestors

righteous greatness. Thank You for teaching us the 

benefits of always thinking of You.  


We think of You as One without a second, the Supreme  

source of all personalities throughout our Cosmic

 Manifestations, including the Supreme Personality.  

Verily, we think of you as here before the Triple 

Blackness which is here before the Galaxies come

 into being, while they exist, and after the Galaxies

 have finished their existence.